Andre Rozier: “Naoya Inoue Is A Real Monster!”

07/26/2023 - No comments

Andre Rozier was recently interviewed by Fight Hype about his thoughts on the dominating rise of Naoya Inoue, known as the “Monster” in the boxing circuit. Inoue had recently dominated his opponent Stephen Fulton, which left many boxing fans including Rozier, in utter shock.

“I’m in shock,” admitted Rozier. “I didn’t think this was going to be the outcome at all. I didn’t think Fulton would have been dominated in the form and fashion he was dominated.”

Inoue’s victory wasn’t just surprising; it was downright alarming. This was not just another fight win; it signaled the dominance of a new boxing champion. As Rozier says,

“All the jewels go to Inoue. He is that guy. He is the real monster. There’s only one monster, and that’s Inoue.”

The big question following Inoue’s decisive victory is, “Where does he go from here?” When asked about Inoue’s potential to move up weight classes, Rozier had a firm opinion.

“I think 122 is it for him,” Rozier expressed. “I think if he goes to 125, those guys are going to be a little bit bigger. Speed and strength are both requisites at their command, and I think it’d be just a little bit too much for him.”

While Rozier believes Inoue has hit his peak at the 122 weight class, he does not rule out the possibility of new contenders emerging.

“There’s always somebody on the horizon. We all know that. That’s the nature of boxing,” said Rozier. “There is always somebody that’s coming that might be the one to give him those problems.”

Rumors have been swirling about a potential matchup between Inoue and Vasyl Lomachenko. However, Rozier seems to think this is far from a favorable scenario for Inoue.

“I think Loma is entirely too big for Inoue. He’s fighting at 35, even though he could fight at 30 easily. Inoue would have to go from 122 past 26 to midway, and I think it’s just too much,” explained Rozier.

In Rozier’s view, Inoue should remain within his weight class, where he continues to reign supreme.

“Let’s keep the monster where the monster belongs,” Rozier concluded.

Regardless of future matchups, one thing is clear: Inoue has firmly positioned himself as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.

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