An Exclusive Interview with Floyd Mayweather: “My philosophy is never stop getting money”

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“Having patience, taking my time; you know you can’t rush life. Everything will happen when it happens, simple and plain.” – Floyd Mayweather

In a rare exclusive conversation, Fight Hype were invited into the palatial estate of none other than the Hall of Fame Legend, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The following is a detailed account of the interview where he discusses everything from his exceptional lifestyle to his views on recent fights.

The Mayweather Legacy

In an era where comparisons are rife, Mayweather’s stance is clear.

“The way they keep comparing these fighters to me, it has to say something about me.”

So, what sets Mayweather apart from the rest? Is it merely the championships or the media acclaim? Or is it something deeper?

Mayweather highlighted the journey he undertook to reach the pinnacle of boxing.

“When it was my time, I did what I had to do.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Despite reaching the zenith of boxing glory, Mayweather stresses that his achievements in the sport extend beyond belts and titles.

“When the history books are written, they’re going to say Floyd Mayweather was the smartest one. Y’all can win the most belts. That’s fine. I wanted the most checks, and I wanted the biggest checks.”

Why Exhibition Fights?

There’s been much talk about Mayweather’s recent spate of exhibition matches. Many question the reasoning behind them. To this, Mayweather had a clear answer.

“It’s free money, and I’m going to keep getting it. My philosophy is never stop getting it.”

“Even with these exhibitions, why do you keep doing them? It’s free money. This is legalized sparring. I will continue to pick up free money.”

But how much is he willing to collect?

“You can get up, we can pick up an eight, a ten, a 50, a 60. This is free money.”

Beyond the punches and jabs, what drives Mayweather is a philosophy rooted in maximizing value and opportunity. In his words,

“I don’t leave anything on the table.”

Is it this insatiable desire for success, both inside and outside the ring, that sets him apart?

Mayweather’s Outlook

Despite his retirement from professional boxing, Mayweather continues to impact the sport. Fighters today are continuously compared to him, but what does he think about them?

“There’s going to be fighters that they’ll continue to compare to me. I understand that’s the boxing business.”

But Mayweather’s focus remains unyielding.

“I was in the sport because I wanted to be the world champion, the best. But then it gets to the point where you say, okay, are you gonna talk about who won the most belts?”

“Glacial estate, big house, a palace, a castle – whatever you guys want it to be. Come on, man, this is a palace! I’m blessed. You know, that’s the only thing I can really say. I’m just really blessed,” Mayweather gushes as he takes Fight Hype through his sprawling residence.

How did he get here? The boxing legend attributes his success to his father’s teachings:

“With my dad, what my dad has taught me here, and I just took it to that next level. The next level, and the next level beyond, and another level beyond.”

But what does it take to maintain such a luxurious lifestyle? Respect for others and gratitude, Mayweather emphasizes.

“Everybody got different levels, so you can never not nobody level. So I respect everybody. You know, everybody got their own drive and hustle. How to get it, all I could do is respect it.”

Boxing and Exhibitions

What’s new in the world of Floyd Mayweather? Recently, the boxer participated in an exhibition fight against John Gotti’s grandson, a spectacle that drew substantial attention. Addressing rumors that the fight was staged, Mayweather stated:

“Absolutely not true. Emotions were definitely flying that night. You know, when something like that happens, it can’t be fake or rehearsed.”

What’s next for Mayweather? There’s talk of a rematch, and possibly even an exhibition with Canadian light heavyweight Jean Pascal, but nothing is set in stone:

“The numbers a

weren’t right. So you got to get your numbers right. We’re just gonna move around lightly. It only depends on what they want to do.”

A Ringside View of the Big Fights

Did Mayweather have any thoughts on the recent undisputed title fight between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford? He sure did, and his presence in the building attests to his interest in the bout.

“Yes, actually I did [have a good time]. I really like both of those guys, a lot.”

“I was 36, went off for a Canelo. And Canelo was 23, around the same age some of these guys won world titles and were undisputed.”

He further reflects on his age and career, acknowledging the criticisms he’s faced:

“When I fight guys in their 30s, they say he’s washed up. But I’m not washed up in my 30s.”

So, what drives the man who seems to have it all? Could it be his relentless pursuit of excellence? His understanding of the timing and business of boxing? One thing is for sure, as Mayweather himself puts it:

“If 300 million ain’t the right time, tell me when it is the right time.”

In an insightful conversation with Floyd Mayweather, the boxing legend emphasizes the importance of patience in life. Comparing life to a boxing match, Mayweather highlights:

“You can’t rush life, and you can’t rush a fight. Everything will happen when it’s meant to happen.”

The conversation delves into how fighters are rated by boxing experts and boxing sites. Mayweather speaks candidly about the point system and how fighters are ranked.

“When they rate fighters, they’ve got me, Hawkins, Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo, and Pacquiao. And out of the four, I beat three. I’m only going by what so-called boxing experts do.”

Mayweather discusses his great performance against Diego Corrales, a fight he reminisces as a significant moment in his career. He contrasts it with Terence Crawford’s recent victory but maintains respect for all involved.

“My fight with Diego Corrales wasn’t for the Undisputed title, and they fought for Undisputed time. Diego was considered the boogeyman, and I always come ready to rock and roll.”

Mayweather also takes a stand against bad-mouthing fellow fighters, a strong sentiment that reflects his respect for the sport and its participants.

“I can’t do an interview and bad mouth Terence Crawford, Earl Spence, or Diego Corrales. I respect all three of those guys. I don’t want to sound like I’m hating or mad at anyone.”

Reflecting on his own experience, Mayweather offers insights into the ideal fighting categories for fighters like Earl Spence. He provides an honest opinion on where he believes Spence should be fighting.

“I don’t think he should be fighting at 147 or 154. Really, I think he should be fighting at 160 or 168. That’s just my honest opinion.”

Legacy and Comparison

The conversation also touches on the comparisons made between Mayweather and other greats like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. Mayweather seems to appreciate the comparison, underscoring his impact on the sport.

“You got Muhammad Ali, who they compare to Floyd Mayweather. Every time there’s a fighter from the past or present, they’re going to keep comparing them to Floyd Mayweather.”

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