Amer Abdallah talks Usyk, Hearn and Fury’s $120 million demand

06/04/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive discussion with Boxing King Media, Amer Abdallah, the new key figure in the world of boxing and director of boxing of Skill Challenge Promotions, talks about the art of secrecy, working with professionals, and the unexpected signing of Oleksandr Usyk.

Abdallah explained, “When you deal with professionals, everything should become secret. I believe in negotiations, you don’t go public. Any kind of turmoil or inside problems that you have should never be made public.”

Abdallah throws light on the process that led to the decision to rope in Usyk. “Usyk’s name was always on our list as we deliberated the strategy behind different fighters. We needed to assess what the future would look like considering Usyk’s versatility and dynamism as a fighter, especially at the heavyweight level, given his impressive track record at Cruiserweight.”

The interviewer moves onto the topic of Eddie Hearn, referencing an interview where Hearn mentioned that Tyson Fury was demanding $120 million. Abdallah clarified that no numbers have been discussed for the upcoming promotion.

“I can’t speak on any numbers because there have been no numbers. No numbers have been discussed for this recent promotion. No numbers have been offered on our end, no numbers have been demanded on the other end for this fight.”

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Interestingly, Abdallah also hints at a “Plan B” in case of unforeseen circumstances, like if Dillian White wins or Dubois upsets their plans for December. He states that such decisions are made in consultation with Prince Khaled, leaving room for further speculation and anticipation among fans.

The topic of Eddie Hearn resurfaces towards the end of the conversation when Abdallah is asked about the interest in staging a fight between Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr.

“From a prizefighter perspective, these guys got to feed their families, this is how they make their living. I’m a big fan of anyone who’s going to pay them the most. It doesn’t have to be in Saudi, it doesn’t have to be in the Middle East, it doesn’t have to be an O2, or anywhere else in the world,” states Abdallah.

On his part, Hearn had this to say: “It’s a great fight, two terrific fighters going head to head. This bout will definitely grab the attention of the fans and hopefully, it can take place somewhere that will benefit the fighters and the sport of boxing.”

Abdallah’s approach to boxing, his respect for the fighters, and his philosophy that anything should be done to protect the interests of the fighters is inspiring. As for his potential role alongside renowned names such as Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren, Abdallah is nothing but humble and thankful.

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“The Limelight is indifferent to me. If you say that you use the Amer Abdallah word in the same sentence with Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren and Bob Aram and Don King and Oscar De La Hoya and Leonard Ellerbe and Al Haymon, that’s an honor to me. They’ve all done phenomenal work in the sport of boxing. As for the responsibility, it weighs on me a lot, but it’s a responsibility that I believe I can fulfill,” says Abdallah, as he expresses his determination and commitment towards the sport.

Hearn, echoing Abdallah’s sentiment, remarks, “Amer has made a great contribution to the world of boxing. His commitment and dedication to the sport are admirable. He carries his responsibility with grace and we look forward to what he will bring to boxing in the future.”

This conversation with Abdallah reveals a lot about the behind-the-scenes workings of boxing. With his innovative strategies, commitment to the sport, and deep respect for the fighters, he continues to impact boxing, promising exciting developments

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