Amer Abdallah Interview: Usyk vs Fury & Joshua vs Wilder in December?

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In the sweet science of boxing, behind every jab, uppercut, and hook thrown in the ring, there’s a fascinating world of characters outside of it – trainers, promoters, managers, and journalists – all critical to the fight game. One such personality is Amer Abdallah, Head of Boxing at Skill Challenge Entertainment. So what did he reveal in his recent interview with Oliver Spencer from talkSPORT Boxing?

Embracing Change: A New Era for Boxing

“The signing of Alexander Usyk is huge for everybody in the sport – for us, for them, for boxing, for the heavyweight division,” Abdallah affirmed. What might this mean for the future of the boxing world?

Rumors about an epic December lineup featuring Usyk vs. Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder have been rampant. Abdallah confirmed the interest  “We have talked to all four promoters, all four teams. I believe everybody is on board.” But does this guarantee a night of spectacular battles? Or does the unpredictable nature of the sport hold possible twists and turns?

Despite the excitement brewing around the potential December fights, Abdallah expressed a wish that the discussions had remained confidential. “There’s so much interest, it caught on like wildfire. I would have liked for the talks to have remained confidential, and then once we have everything aligned, to come forward and say look, this is what we’re doing,” he revealed.

The Fury Factor: The Man, The Myth, The Reality

Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, remains a central character in the unfolding saga. “Tyson’s frustrated. He wants to fight… he’s a phenomenal, dominant champion, arguably the best heavyweight champion of our time,” Abdallah observed.

Wilder to Ruiz: "Andy, sign the contract so I'll beat that a**!"

An intriguing tidbit emerged about the offer to Tyson Fury, described by Abdallah as a “premium price.” It’s certainly a huge bet on an athlete, but isn’t boxing always a high-stakes game? Could this “premium price” offer be the game-changer in the world of boxing?

The Gentleman’s Game: Beyond Just The Business

Abdallah also shared an engaging anecdote about the respect and class he encountered from John Fury. “John Fury is one of the most genuine, nicest guys that I have ever been around,” he said.

As with all sporting endeavors, negotiating match-ups in boxing often come down to balancing the scales, especially when it involves heavyweights like Fury and Usyk.

Unifying the Boxing World

“The objective is not to take over other promotions. It’s the exact opposite. We’re unitifying everybody. We’re trying to deliver the fights that fans want to see, the fights that fighters want to get paid for, and the promotions that promoters want to get compensated for,” Abdallah shared with an intense gaze.

Imagine a world where boxing’s best meet not once or twice but up to ten times a year, all in high-stakes battles. Where major fights aren’t limited to once-in-a-blue-moon spectacles but are the norm.

“The best fights, the up-and-coming guys, we want to redefine how boxing is looked at. I believe that this would be my own recommendation,” he affirmed.

Updated Ring Magazine Heavyweight Rankings

But with fighters risking injuries and their value potentially plummeting with each loss, will they risk it all for these fights? How would fans react to seeing their favorite boxers’ reputation on the line more often?

The New Boxing Demographic

Amer Abdallah isn’t only seeking to shake up the boxing world. He’s keen on injecting new blood into it. When asked about the new wave of boxing influencers like KSI and Logan Paul, he explained, “It’s a brand-new demographic looking at an old sport in a different way. It’s a different lens they’re looking at it through. It’s working.”

The Saudi Connection

Abdallahis bullish on the potential role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in boxing’s future, citing their commitment to hosting high-profile matches and their ambitious vision for the sport.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has shown a massive interest in boxing in recent years,” Abdallah acknowledged.

Changing Perceptions

Abdallah’s vision is bold, yet refreshingly honest. “We’re doing everything very clean. Everything’s going to be done at the highest level of integrity. We’re going to be paying everybody their absolute worth, if not a little bit more,” he assures.

But with boxing’s reputation as a not-so-clean sport, can Abdallah convince the skeptics? Will this be the breath of fresh air that boxing so desperately needs?

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