Amer Abdallah Interview: Future Plans for Deontay Wilder

06/22/2023 - No comments

In an enlightening interview with “Stamina For Sale”,  Skills Challenge CEO, Amer Abdallah opened up on the topic of Deontay Wilder, one of the most electrifying figures in the boxing world, The former heavyweight champion, known for his ferocious knockouts, is a hot topic in the industry.

While the CEO remained circumspect about whether the Alabama-born boxer is set to sign with his promotion, he was open about the potential fights he’d make if Wilder were on his roster.

While addressing the speculation about Wilder potentially joining Skills Challenge, Abdallah said, “Until you hear an official statement come from Skill Challenge promotions, everything’s speculation.” However, he didn’t completely dismiss the possibility, indicating that they would certainly be interested in such an elite fighter.

Wilder’s standing as “arguably the heaviest hitter in the history of the division” is a tantalizing prospect for any promotion company, and his signature would undoubtedly be a significant coup for Abdallah’s Skills Challenge.

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A Hypothetical Showdown

When asked about the ideal fight he’d make for Wilder, Abdallah didn’t hesitate, “AJ. Anthony Joshua, 100%,” he said. It’s a clash boxing fans worldwide have been clamoring for, and the potential showdown would undoubtedly capture the imagination of the boxing world. Both fighters have proven themselves as leading figures in their division, and a fight between the two could well prove to be a historic event.

Abdallah further noted that an alternative option would be a fight against Oleksandr Usyk, another big name in the division. However, he felt that the appeal of a fourth fight with Tyson Fury might have diminished, suggesting that fans may prefer to see Wilder take on fresh opponents.

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