Alycia Baumgardner: “I am predicting a KO against Linardatou”

07/15/2023 - No comments

“When you have something to fight for, you become a better fighter,” said  Alycia Baumgardner to IFL TV.

This is a rebirth, a new skin, a different complete fighter, and I’m ready to put it on her.

There was a hint of gratification in Baumgardner’s eyes as she described her journey from her last defeat to her recent rebirth as a fighter.

It was going to come sooner or later. This moment makes a complete full circle in my life. I’m closing the chapter, righting my wrong, and pushing forward to be a better version of myself.

Strength of a Fighter

When asked about her opponent’s confidence, Baumgardner acknowledged it, even welcoming it as a challenge that fuels her own fighting spirit. Every fighter, she noted, has something to fight for; for some, it’s their children, for others, it’s the struggle to emerge from a dark place.

She’s fighting for her child, and I’m fighting for that dark place that I pulled myself out of. I love that she has that confidence, because it makes me a better fighter.

During the interview, Baumgardner made it clear that fluctuating weight is a tactical choice she makes in her career. She embraces the challenge and flexibility that comes with the ability to adapt to different weight classes. For Baumgardner, there is a thrill in the challenge of the fight, an allure in the hunt for victory.

Being able to move up and down in weight is a benefit. I’m an athlete, I’m a challenger, I’m hungry.

The Road Ahead

Baumgardner’s eyes shone with determination as she spoke about her future plans.

Because I was patient, here we are at my homecoming fight in Detroit. This showcases who I am as a fighter, in and out of the ring.

As for her upcoming fight, Baumgardner is looking forward to a knockout.

Saturday night, I’m predicting a knockout. She’s coming to fight, but I’m the better fighter, better skilled. I’m going to catch her in between with something nasty.

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