Alexis Rocha Defends Title Via 7th Round TKO

01/30/2023 - No comments

A WBO NABO Welterweight title bout was fought last night (Saturday) in Inglewood, California, and fans were thrilled when it turned into an all out brawl between GEORGE “RED TIGER” ASHIE (now 33-6-1), and ALEXIS “LEX” ROCHA (now 22-1).

Ashie’s will and determination to fight not only earned the respect of Rocha’s hometown fans, but also the respect of the DAZN commentators who were impressed with Ashie’s willingness and ability to trade with Rocha. Meanwhile, Rocha showed skill, power and why he is a top rated welterweight contender.

The fight was exciting from the opening bell. In the first round, Rocha controlled the action with combinations, but Ashie responded each time with his own punches laced with bad intentions. In the second round, Ashie’s check left hook was catching Rocha’s attention. Rocha and Ashie fought at close range as if they were in the proverbial phone booth. Rocha landed a brutal late third round right hook that floored Ashie, who surprisingly beat the count and survived the round.

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Ashie spent most of the fourth round with his back to the ropes, fearlessly throwing all 146 lbs. of himself into every punch, seemingly unconcerned with whatever Rocha was launching in return. Rocha was landing and throwing the cleaner and crisper blows, but Ashie’s punches were not going unnoticed as both men continued to trade at will.

Ashie missed a right hand in the fifth round and wound up clashing heads with Rocha, causing a cut above Rocha’s left eyebrow. A possible turning point in the fight turned out to be a non-factor as two rounds later at 2:08 in the 7th, Rocha landed a picture perfect overhand right that crumpled Ashie, causing referee Thomas Taylor to immediately stop the fight.

Ashie raised his stock in defeat and was lauded by many for his competitive spirit in his first fight at welterweight (on 7 days notice). Certainly his performance showed he was in shape and training and kept himself ready for the opportunity, a testament to his respect for his profession.

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Star Boxing CEO JOE DEGUARDIA had this to say about the fight, “We are proud of George and the determination he fought with, inspired by the heart of Ghanian fighters before him. He left everything he had in the ring and should be applauded for his toughness and desire to make this an entertaining main event. Credit to Alexis Rocha for a great performance and to Golden Boy for a putting on a wonderful show.”