Alex Krassyuk talks Usyk vs Dubois, Fury, Poland

08/24/2023 - No comments

Alex Krassyuk, co-promoter of Oleksandr Usyk, spoke to Seconds Out in an exclusive interview about the upcoming fight between Usyk and Daniel Dubois. Krassyuk about the fight being held in Poland:

“Dating back to 2016 in the city of Gdansk, Usyk won his first World Title, battling the then WBO Cruiserweight Champion, Christoph Lobotsky,” reflects Krassyuk. This, coupled with the overwhelming support Poland showed Ukraine during challenging times, makes Poland more than just a fighting venue. For Usyk, it’s a “second home”, making this bout a sort of ‘homecoming’.

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The Imminent Threat of Daniel Dubois

Krassyuk acknowledges Dubois’ talent, stating, “Firstly, the guy has a big heart. His ability to turn the tide in a fight speaks volumes about his determination and courage. Secondly, he has a hard punch. And thirdly, his considerable experience and size make him a dangerous opponent.”

“Dubois is dangerous. I would never underestimate him as just an easy walk for Usyk. Never ever.” – Alex Krassyuk

When queried about how the preparation for Dubois differed from that for Anthony Joshua, Krassyuk mentioned the shift in perception. With Joshua, Usyk was the underdog, while with Dubois, he is the favorite. “But being a favorite does not imply an obligation to win. It’s just how people perceive you. The actual advantage is shaped in the training camp,” remarks Krassyuk.

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The Looming Shadow of Tyson Fury

“We want a fight with Tyson Fury at the end of the year or the beginning of the next. Now, it’s on Tyson’s side,” states Krassyuk. He goes on to add that Fury seems afraid of losing his position, hence would rather take on Anthony Joshua, where the risk is lower.

“Fury became famous and recognized only because boxing fans spent money on his fights. He owes respect to the public, but not delivering big fights is disrespectful to the fans, which can completely destroy his image.” – Alex Krassyuk

On discussing the possibilities of a future fight between Usyk and Fury, Krassyuk says, “It can happen on one condition: Tyson Fury agrees to fight Alexander Usyk. We’ve done everything needed to make it happen.”

Addressing rumors of Usyk’s advanced age potentially affecting his performance, Krassyuk dismisses it as mere speculation. “I’ve heard this on forums and Instagram comments, but I don’t believe it’s even close to the truth,” he states.

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On the anticipated match between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, Krassyuk sees it as a real test for Joshua, post his two consecutive losses to Usyk.

Leaving no stone unturned, Krassyuk wraps up the interview with a promise to boxing fans about the upcoming Usyk vs Dubois showdown on August 26. He exclaims, “This is going to be huge. Something that Poland has never seen before. I know what I’m talking about.”

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