Alex Krassyuk Sheds Light on Fury vs Joshua and Usyk vs Dubois

06/07/2023 - No comments

In an interview with Seconds Out, Usyk’s manager, Alex Krassyuk, discussed the latest developments in the boxing world, shedding light on the much-debated Fury vs Anthony Joshua talks and the upcoming Usyk vs Daniel Dubois bout.

Fury vs Anthony Joshua

Krassyuk held nothing back as he spoke on Tyson Fury’s behavior in negotiating fights over the past weeks. He pointed out Fury’s frustration at not finding an opponent and asserted that respect for fellow competitors, especially those who share the ring, is vital.

“Professional boxing is a commercial Sports and if a fighter gets in the ring and if he fights for the world title in the heavyweight division, his participation has to be paid accordingly.”

Krassyuk warned Fury against treating boxing as a ‘cheap sport’, stating that it would be detrimental to his image among fans. He remarked, “If you want to buy someone for cheap money, then you are fighting some second or third level opposition and your fans start laughing at you.”

Responds to Frank Warren’s claims re Usyk’s value

Frank Warren’s claim that Usyk overpriced himself in the Fury negotiations was also addressed in the interview. Krassyuk defended Usyk, stating that the fighter’s worth was not solely defined by himself or his promoter but by the public and boxing fans.

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Krassyuk cheekily responded to Warren’s criticisms by saying, “If a grandmother has a beard, she would be a grandfather.” He defended Usyk’s value and highlighted the discrepancy in pay-per-view results between Fury’s and Usyk’s fights.

“If Tyson Fury is that popular, why does he sell low figures? Ask Frank Warren what was the result of pay-per-view with his recent fight… did it exceed Usyk fighting Chisora or not?”

Usyk vs Daniel Dubois

Date and Location

Krassyuk revealed that the Usyk vs Daniel Dubois bout is scheduled for August 26th at the Broadslow Stadium in Poland. This is in alignment with the Ukrainian Independence Day. He cited Usyk’s long absence from fighting at home as one of the reasons for choosing Poland as the venue, and lauded Poland’s support for Ukraine.

“Dubois is young, he has a dynamite in his glove, he’s hungry… he’s looking for the recognition and this guy is dangerous. That’s why he’s dangerous,” Krassyuk acknowledged, adding that Usyk’s training regime remains the same regardless of who he’s fighting.

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Trainer Change

Responding to news of Dubois changing his trainer before the big fight, Krassyuk stated that it’s a necessary growth step for Dubois. Comparing this to Anthony Joshua’s switch before fighting Usyk, he explained, “When you change a trainer, it takes a while to get used to each other, to change the style.”

Usyk vs Dubois Undercard and Skills Challenge’s role

While remaining tight-lipped about the fight undercard, Krassyuk promised a mix of Ukrainian, Polish, and UK fighters. He also confirmed that Skills Challenge, Usyk’s promoter, will be involved in the Polish show and that some of their fighters will be on the card.

Krassyuk concluded the interview with a positive outlook, “It’s a wonderful Stadium… We expect the support’s gonna be exclusive for Usyk.”

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