Al Bernstein Predicts Spence Jr vs Crawford

07/26/2023 - No comments

Boxing Hall of Famer and announcer, Al Bernstein, is pretty jazzed about the upcoming Errol Spence-Terrance Crawford bout. He even rates it among some of the biggest fights he’s ever announced. He’s set to join the broadcast team for this epic showdown on the SHOWTIME PPV, which will air on Saturday, July 29, at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific.

Having called the shots in over 150 pay-per-view telecasts, including iconic duels such as Marvin Hagler vs. Tommy Hearns and Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, Bernstein knows a thing or two about big fights. He has no qualms about calling the Spence-Crawford showdown a game-changer for boxing.

He shared his thoughts saying, “In the boxing world, every now and then, there’s this gigantic fight that everyone in the sports media universe can’t stop hyping about. If such a fight doesn’t happen, it’s seen as boxing dropping the ball. Well, the Spence-Crawford clash is one such firecracker, but guess what—it’s happening this July 29. We’ve got two titans, at the peak of their careers, squaring off in what I reckon is a razor-close match-up.”

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Going a bit deeper into his analysis, Bernstein paints a vivid picture of the fight: “Imagine looking up the phrase boxer-puncher in the dictionary and seeing Terrance Crawford’s photo right next to it. That’s how well he personifies the term. He’s a maestro with both his right and left, dances around the ring with grace, and has a wicked counter punch. You have Errol Spence, the unyielding aggressor with maybe one of the fiercest body punches in the sport. He’s got all the punches in his arsenal, and his determination in the ring is second to none. In this dust-up, Crawford would want to be the ringmaster, maintaining a good distance while hoping to snag Spence with a hard counter as he charges forward. Spence, however, would want to be up close and personal, where his body work can wreak havoc. I reckon a key to this fight is how well Spence can employ his jab to breach Crawford’s defenses. This fight could swing so many ways. It could be a chess match in parts, a total slugfest in others. It really is a coin toss, and that’s why everyone’s counting down to July 29.

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