Al Bernstein: “Davis vs Garcia A Unique Style Match-up”

04/21/2023 - No comments

Hall of Fame Broadcaster Al Bernstein, who will be ringside calling the Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia mega fight on Saturday, April 22, calls that fight “One of the most interesting strategic fights I’ve called in quite a while.” Davis-Garcia tops a four-fight card on SHOWTIME PPV.

Bernstein said of Davis-Garcia, “This really is a unique style match up. We have two knockout punchers but it oversimplifies it to say power is the only factor. Of huge importance is which fighter can use their skills and in ring strategy to make their power a factor. Garcia wants to use his edge in height and reach to good advantage, which means staying back and remaining patient. He can’t over commit on his punches, which he has sometimes done. Though some say a left hook can’t be the major weapon for a righty against a southpaw. I disagree and Garcia proves that point. His vaunted left hook has been central in beating his two toughest foes, lefties Javier Fortuna and Luke Campbell. He can throw it well to the body and also as a check left hook to the head against an attacking foe like Davis. Much will depend on whether Garcia can use his jab effectively, as he did against Fortuna. And it would be unwise for Garcia, when throwing his hook to the body to not be aware of the Davis right hook—Davis has scored knockouts with that punch.”

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As for Davis, Bernstein said, “His fights in recent years have taken on a familiar pattern. He does not dominate in early rounds and often finds himself in close fights heading into middle rounds, and then his power takes over. The only exception was his match with Isaac Cruz. While he does not want to give away rounds in this fight, the fact that Garcia is the most powerful fighter he has yet faced makes it essential that he wait for the right moments in the fight for a full fledged attack. It will be interesting to see if Davis works to the body much (he’s a very good body puncher) with the concern of being countered by Garcia, especially with a left hook over the Davis right hook to the body. Davis is at his best when he jabs his way in to get in position for his powerful uppercut or the straight left hand. Sometimes he doesn’t need that in order to get inside, though against Garcia it’s likely he will. Luke Campbell knocked Garcia down with a lead overhand left but he is taller than Davis. There is danger in this fight for either fighter if he takes unnecessary risks, which is why I don’t think it will be a firefight from the first bell, but will become one as the fight wears on

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Al added, “All that I’ve said here still leaves things out in terms of strategic and stylistic questions, so it’s clear when I say this is a match-up that provides fascination in the lead in to the match. And behind all the strategic and tactical issues is the fact that both these men have big power that can change or end a fight in an instant. The drama inside the ring and the popularity of both men outside it makes this a hugely appealing match-up. I am thrilled to be able to announce it with my Showtime colleagues.”

Since his first pay per view broadcast in 1983 the Marvin Hagler-Roberto Duran fight, Al has done over 150 pay per view telecasts. This is his third this year