Adrien Broner Talks Gervonta Davis / Devin Haney Sparring, More..

06/06/2023 - No comments

In a no-holds-barred interview with FightHype’s Sean Zittel, Adrien Broner, the four-division world champion, spilled the beans on his fellow pugilists, hinted at his upcoming showdown, and gave a peek into his future plans. Let’s dive into the depth of this conversation.

Throwback to the Sparring Days

Broner reflected on a sparring session between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Devin Haney. The story is well-known in boxing circles, but Broner brought it back to the fore, delivering his thoughts without reservation.

“Tank caught Devin with a shot,” Broner recounted, “If they weren’t wearing 16 ounce gloves or headgear, the fight would have been over.” He didn’t shy away from asserting that even today, given the same circumstances, the outcome wouldn’t differ—despite Haney’s commendable stint against Lomachenko.

‘Tank’ Steals the Spotlight

In the mix of past and present, Tank Davis emerged as the star of Broner’s tale. Davis, according to him, is not your run-of-the-mill fighter—he’s a boxer armed with something special that sets him apart from his contemporaries.

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“It’s his footwork,” Broner marveled, shedding light on Davis’s unique prowess. “Tank’s feet are good—really good.” But it’s not just footwork that gives Davis an edge—it’s the knockout punch power he wields. “He’s got that one-punch knockout power,” Broner commented, making it clear that while Davis can box and show athleticism like others, he possesses an unparalleled advantage in the power department.

Coming Back to His Own Turf

Switching gears from reminiscing to focusing on the future, Broner didn’t conceal his excitement about his upcoming match on June 9th.

He’s not underestimating his opponent Bill Hutchinson, though, emphasizing that while he’s ready to seize an opportunity for a knockout if it presents itself, the real goal is victory. “We’ve just been focusing on making sure we’re victorious,” he said.

Dream Team-Up with Don King

Another fascinating revelation from Broner’s chat was his new partnership with legendary boxing promoter Don King. Expressing his excitement, he said it’s a “dream come true.”

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“Dominating the ring, that’s my job. Everything outside the ring, Don’s going to handle,” Broner declared. He seemed unfazed by concerns about potential challenges that might arise from collaborating with other top promoters.

A Parting Note

Before wrapping up the conversation, Broner left his fans with a thrilling assurance—inviting everyone to watch his June 9th fight. Fueled by a new partnership and the aim to emerge victorious, Broner is ready to put on a show and remind the world why he is a four-division world champion.

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