Adrien Broner Weighs In On The Spence vs Crawford Fight

06/03/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive interview with Sean Zittel of Fight Hype, boxing legend and four-division world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner discussed the huge showdown between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford slated for July 29th.

Having been in the ring sparring with both fighters, Broner’s insights carry weight. His loyalties, however, are with Spence Jr. He said, “Sure, I know both fighters really well, but when it comes down to it, I’m siding with my brother Errol.”

Broner had high praise for Spence Jr. He highlighted the fighter’s less-celebrated attributes, such as footwork and precise shots, as potential game-changers. “People underestimate Errols’s footwork. He’s way more accurate than most give him credit for. The guy knows how to land his shots, and his timing? Just brilliant.”

He challenged the popular opinion of Spence as merely a technically sound boxer, arguing that there’s more to Spence than meets the eye. “People need to look closer,” he insisted. “Earl’s defense is way better than most think. And he’s faster than they imagine.”

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Looking ahead to the fight, Broner believes that Spence will pull Crawford into a war-like contest. “There’s going to be a point in the fight where Terence will realize he has no choice but to go toe-to-toe with Earl,” Broner predicted. “He won’t have the luxury of boxing and ducking. He’s going to have to really fight.”

Broner further underscored Spence’s strength and his ability to handle a high-pressure situation. “People have this idea that Spence is just a straight-up, knock-you-down guy. But I tell you, the man can truly fight,” he declared.

While he admires both Spence and Crawford, Broner didn’t mince words about his final prediction. “I’ve got my money on Errol Spence Jr,” he said. His rich commentary and insider perspective on the upcoming Spence-Crawford fight remind us that the views from the ringside can be just as gripping as the action inside the ring.

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