Adrien Broner Previews Crawford-Spence Showdown

07/28/2023 - No comments

Boxing fans had an unexpected treat when Adrien Broner, a former four-division world champion, offered his unique take on the much-anticipated bout between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr.

Broner expressed his deep personal connection to both boxers, highlighting how it will make watching the fight all the more intriguing.

“I got relationships with both fighters,” he said. “I’m real close to both fighters. But by the end of the day, of course, I’m with Errol. I’m just coming to watch a great fight. I want them both to leave with all their brains together, everything together, and go take care of their children.”

The Press Conference

When asked about the press conference, Broner responded with good humor, deftly avoiding controversy. He implied that the pre-fight banter did its job, drumming up more interest in the fight.

“What do you think about the press conference overall?” He laughed, “It built up the fight a little bit more.”

The Betting Game

Broner was reluctant to make a direct prediction on the fight’s outcome, emphasizing his personal ties to both fighters. He joked about taking bets on the fight but clarified that he was not gambling with his heart but with Spades – a figure of speech suggesting that he is making calculated choices, not emotional ones.

“Hey B, how you got this fight going?” Broner responded, “Um, this is going to be a…we got 20 back, man. Oh no, no, tell me about it, oh no, we got a 20. We got a 20 back him…his [butt]. We got 200. I’m taking 200.”

The Future

Apart from the fight between Crawford and Spence Jr, Broner also touched on his own career, revealing a hunger for more challenges. He mentioned potential future rivals and the desire to take on all champions. It is evident from his words that his boxing journey is far from over.

“You called out all the Champions to fight,” Broner asserted, affirming his readiness to go toe-to-toe with the best in the sport.

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