Adam Booth Weighs in on Josh Kelly and the Spence-Crawford Battle

06/07/2023 - No comments

Trainer Adam Booth spoke to Pro Boxing Fans during a recent visit to his gym, discussing the future of British boxer Josh Kelly, and sharing insights on the highly anticipated fight between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford.

Josh Kelly’s Future in Boxing

Kelly, who is currently highly rated in the WBO, is thought to be on the precipice of significant fights in the near future. Booth seemed quite positive about Kelly’s prospects.

“Josh is a world-class fighter,” he said. “So anything now is possible for him because like I said he’s now ready for the big fights.”

While Booth is focused on Kelly’s fight with Corso on June 24th, he remains open to the potential of other opportunities should they present themselves. “If Corso pulled out tomorrow and someone said, ‘oh, how about this fight?’ – Josh is ready for it,” Booth asserted.

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Spence vs. Crawford – Fight of the Highest Order

The boxing world is also buzzing with anticipation for the announced fights between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford. Booth shared his thoughts on how he sees the fight playing out and why it’s so difficult to predict a winner.

“You’re oversimplifying it,” he commented. “It’s that type of fight you can’t just say he’s got to do this one thing to win the fight because they both pose so many different questions for each other.”

The coach suggests that it’s a contest that will require keen acumen, constant adjustment, and, ultimately, will depend on who can dominate those ‘tiny little moments’ in each round. He leaned towards Crawford winning, believing him to be more capable of these subtle shifts.


The conversation took a more philosophical turn when discussing Crawford’s claim that a win over Spence would solidify him as the number one P4P fighter in all of boxing.

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Booth’s view was quite measured, acknowledging the complexity of such a title. “It’s a mythical thing,” he said. “But you can’t shout him down for that claim.”

Indeed, if Crawford does manage to beat Errol Spence, the question remains: Who else would have a better resume?

Booth left this question unanswered, yet it leaves a tantalizing proposition for boxing fans worldwide as we eagerly await these high-stakes matches in the ring.

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