Adam Booth Talks Josh Kelly’s Progression, Michael Conlan and the Boxing Landscape

06/03/2023 - No comments

Just weeks before Josh Kelly’s much-anticipated return to the ring, Seconds Out caught up with his trainer Adam Booth in London for an enlightening and honest conversation about his fighters and the current state of boxing. Booth, known for his straight-shooting approach, delved into Kelly’s progression, Michael Conlan’s recent loss, the development of Harlem Eubank, and his views on several topical boxing debates.

Booth has been working with Kelly in what he refrains from referring to as a ‘camp,’ saying, “I don’t use the phrase ‘camp’ too much because it’s all part of his career and you know you just continue progressing.” Reflecting on Kelly’s recent performances, Booth expressed satisfaction with his development, especially considering that Kelly still has less than 20 professional fights to his name.

On Kelly’s evolution since his bout with Avenesyan, Booth said, “there were reasons why Josh was like that in that fight and he’s spoken about them openly about things to do with his mental makeup. I am relieved, happy, delighted for him that he has resolved those elements of him. By doing so, it’s going to allow him to be the best version of himself.” Booth believes Kelly is beyond the British and European level, as his rankings within WBO, IBF, and WBC suggest.

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Turning the focus to Michael Conlan, Booth shared the Irish boxer’s disappointment after his recent defeat, saying, “He’s heartbroken and devastated…he’s got to get through this very dark period.” Booth also defended his decision to throw in the towel during the bout, stating, “I just didn’t want him to take any more punches.” Retirement, however, is not something Booth has discussed with Conlan yet.

In terms of Harlem Eubank, Booth is excited about his upcoming fight on July 21st. He anticipates Eubank will start executing the improvements they’ve been working on in the gym and plans to chart his progress fight by fight. However, Booth doubts Harlem will face Dalton Smith for the British title, as Smith is likely to move quickly to a higher level if he secures the Lonsdale belt.

Booth was also asked about the impending Errol Spence and Terence Crawford match-up, a fight he believes is hard to simplify given the high IQ and skills of both boxers. Nonetheless, Booth admitted, “I’ve always thought Crawford, so I’m not going to change my mind.”

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Lastly, Booth expressed frustration about the lack of heavyweight fights being made. On the topic of Anthony Joshua’s potential fight with Dillian Whyte, Booth remained noncommittal, stating that he’s not paid much attention to the heavyweight division recently due to the lack of concrete fights being announced.

Overall, Booth’s insights revealed a deep focus on the development of his fighters and a keen eye for the changing landscape of boxing, demonstrating why he remains one of the most respected trainers in the sport.

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