Abel Sanchez: “Triple G is a great fighter, a Hall of Famer”

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Gennady “GGG” Golovkin has been a significant topic of conversation in the boxing community, and Abel Sanchez, his former trainer, has provided some insights to Little Giant Boxing into the boxer’s strengths, style, and potential matchups:

The Pound-for-Pound Debate

Sanchez: “If you ask me for a pound-for-pound fundamentally, talking technique, or the face of boxing… it’s Canelo. Canelo’s the one making the money.”

That’s a powerful statement. Canelo Álvarez, a name synonymous with modern boxing supremacy. But Sanchez doesn’t stop there.

“Tyson Fury would be number two for me, Terence number three. Now, if Terence comes back and beats Errol like he did the first time… then maybe he’ll be at the top of the list.”

How about that? How crucial is one comeback to alter the very rankings in the boxing world?

The Gennady “GGG” Golovkin Enigma

Is  Gennady Golovkin making a return to the ring? That’s the million-dollar question. There’s talk around names like Jaime Munguía and Berlanga aiming to entice GGG back into the square circle.

Sanchez, aware of the stakes, notes:

“As far as Golovkin, do you think he’ll come back? I don’t know… those are good fights. The problem I see with those fights is that those two kids are young. There’s no reason to put them in against an animal like GGG. Gennady hits you, Gennady punishes you for 12 rounds. You’re going to stay punished.”

Think about that. Is the risk worth the potential glory? Or is it more about avoiding potential irreversible damage?

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Sanchez continues:

“He’s going to hurt you, he’s going to hurt you longevity wise. Irreversible damage. There’s damage that you’re not going to get back.”

“You may hit him, you may cut him because you hit him, but he’s going to pound on you. And when he pounds on you for 12 rounds, it’s gonna be very difficult for you.  I think he’s got a great life. What’s the sense of coming back and giving these guys a chance to make him look bad? He doesn’t have to. There’s no doubt about the fact that Triple G is a great fighter, a Hall of Famer.”

Indeed, when is it time to hang the gloves? Only the fighter knows, but the implications are felt across the boxing universe.

Abel Sanchez: More than Just a Trainer

As the conversation shifted, Sanchez delved into personal territories. Remarkably, he opened up about not having spoken to GGG since their professional breakup. Yet, there’s no bitterness, only cherished memories.

“I cherished the moments we had together and wish him the best.”

Sanchez’s journey isn’t just about high-profile fighters. He recently made a surprising revelation: he sold his gym and semi-retired. However, one fighter is potentially luring him back to the corner, a young Cruiserweight Champion, Arsen Gulamirian.

“It’s hard to say no to your children.”

Isn’t that the truth? For Sanchez, fighters aren’t just proteges but extensions of family.

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A Legacy Cemented

To wrap up, when probed about his favorite boxing memory, Sanchez had a simple yet profound reflection:

“Watching my fighters’ faces smile when they raise their hand. That’s what I’ll cherish the most.”

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