A Fiery Interview With Rising Boxing Star Keyshawn Davis

07/28/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Keyshawn Davis right after a scuffle with Frank Martin, explained how the situation escalated quickly from a casual discussion to a heated confrontation.

“It was just two guys talking shit, but we really do want to fight each other. It’s not just talk, we felt each other’s energy,” Davis told us.

While the heat of the moment was intense, the source of the friction between these two boxing stars seems to be the build-up of rivalry over time. With both Davis and Martin often being mentioned together as top prospects in their division, it’s unsurprising that sparks are flying.

“As of right now at 135, we look like the two best up-and-coming prospects. So, why not? Why not get it on for the fans?” Davis pondered, suggesting a future showdown.

Analyzing the Competition

Frank Martin’s recent fight against anĀ  Armenian fighter elicited Davis’ commentary and analysis.

“I feel like he just dug deep and really won the fight through physicality. But if you’re talking about experience and skill, I didn’t see too much of that,” Davis admitted.

With Davis’ critical eye on Martin’s performance, there’s no doubt he’s preparing himself mentally for a potential fight.

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The Future of the Division

Davis acknowledged the chatter about his rival being the future of the division. His response, however, was composed and focused on his own path rather than external speculation.

“People can say what they want. Time will only tell. I’m going to just let the people talk and just let them do what they do,” Davis asserted.

He gave a similar response when asked about his plans to move up the ranks in a division crowded with big names.

“You’ve got to be smart. It’s chess, not checkers. And I know what’s in my contract at the end of the day. So, I know that a title is going to be there sooner than later,” Davis shared.

Friendly Rivalries

Davis also touched on the delicate issue of facing a close friend in the ring, specifically Shakur Stevenson. He was clear about his stand on this matter:

“We would never fight. I would never fight Shakur. So, if we are mandated, then it’s just going to be mandated. We’re not going to fight.”

As for the future of boxing, Davis sees the 130-140 divisions being where the action will be, mentioning names like Garcia and Tank Davis who could make compelling opponents.

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Predictions for Spence vs. Crawford

“I just see Terence Crawford stopping everybody how he’s been stopping them. However it comes, literally however it comes. Terence Crawford got that switch to him,” Davis explained.

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