Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz Says Sebastian Fundora Will Honor Verbal Rematch Agreement With Tim Tszyu

04/01/2024 - No comments

Sampson Lewkowicz, the promoter  behind the new champ Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora, is laying down the law about a potential throwdown with Tim Tszyu. Lewkowicz spits it straight – some deals were handshake agreements, no ink. But he’s not one to back down; he gives his word, and that’s as good as gold. Tszyu, you want another shot? Step up.

Lewkowicz is game for a rematch. It’s Tszyu’s call – run it back now or warm up with another fight first. But make no mistake, Tszyu is top of the list.

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The first fight? A bloodbath, a spectacle that had fans on their feet. Fundora clinched the titles in a nail-biter, edging out Tszyu despite a split decision. One ref gave Tszyu a nod, but two backed Fundora, sealing the deal.

Tszyu came out swinging, dominating early with precision strikes. But a stray elbow from Fundora in round two changed the game, gashing Tszyu and clouding his sight. Still, the man fought like a beast, unfazed.

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Fundora, too, battled through the crimson mask of a shattered nose, refusing to bend. Using his reach, he battered Tszyu with a relentless barrage, never letting up.

Lewkowicz tips his hat to both warriors. The accidental elbow, Tszyu’s unwavering spirit, and Fundora’s iron will – this was more than a fight; it was a testament to their grit. Ready for round two? It’s a call to arms when Tszyu decides he’s down to dance again. No losers here, just legends in the making, and the fans who got to witness this epic saga. Prime Video hit the jackpot with this barnburner, and the fighters? They proved they’re among the elite.

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