Errol Spence Jr. – “You know what it is come fight night.”

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Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. engaged in a conversation with  Xicana Boxing that was equal parts friendly and controversial. The outspoken Texan laid bare his views, challenging conventional wisdom and the narratives of his critics. But does Spence’s confident assertions hold weight, or is he simply shadowboxing against public opinion?

Spence vs. The Resume

The interview began with a strikingly simple question: Would Spence’s superior resume play a decisive role in the outcome of his upcoming bout? His response? “I don’t care about the resume. I just believe my skill set is better than him.”

The conversation turned to a familiar name in welterweight boxing circles – Shawn Porter. When asked about Porter being a measuring stick for his opponents, Spence didn’t mince his words, “I’ll tell people to watch the fight. Shawn Porter had a fight after me [Sebastian Formella] Ask yourself, was that the same Shawn Porter that fought me?”

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In dissecting the Porter comparison, Spence invites fans to watch the fights and decide for themselves. Is Porter truly the yardstick by which his competitors should be measured, or has the perception of Porter’s performance been colored by his own evolution as a boxer?

Porter’s Decline and Shade Throwing

Spence went further, attributing a perceived decline in Porter’s performance to his change in training approach and nearing retirement, “He was just shutting himself, and he was already on the verge of wanting to retire […] I feel like he wasn’t the same.”

When confronted about his opponent’s insinuations regarding his lifestyle choices, Spence displayed an admirable level of candor. Despite his opponent’s efforts to throw shade, Spence remains unfazed. Is his open admission of past drinking and assertion of current sobriety a counterpunch to the detractors or an indication of his personal growth?

In the face of these allegations, Spence remained resilient, stating, “I don’t drink now, so I mean it is what it is. He can throw out all the shade in the world. You know what it is come fight night.”

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This retort illuminates Spence’s firm belief in his skills and readiness for the upcoming fight. Is it a declaration of his unshakeable focus, or an indication of his readiness to quell his critics inside the ring?

A Champion’s Defiance

Errol Spence Jr.’s defiant tone resonated throughout the interview, culminating in a determined statement, “I’m here for a reason. We’re fighting for a reason. It’s Undisputed for a reason.”

This candid conversation with Spence provides a clear picture of a boxer standing steadfast in the face of criticism, eager to validate his confidence in the ring. As the fight night approaches, the question looms: will Spence back up his fiery words with an equally compelling performance in the ring?

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